Product overview


Ecodyne Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are available for the following applications:

  • Gas turbine closed loop cooling water modules
  • Gas turbine lube oil coolers
  • Gas turbine rotor air coolers
  • Diesel engine coolers including LT/HT radiators
  • Steam turbine generator, lube oil and auxiliary coolers
  • Auxiliary closed circuit water coolers
  • Compressed gas coolers for gas compressor stations
  • Process coolers

Product lines

Ultra compact ECO-TAC coolers for the power industry

  • Ultra-compact, modular and standardized coolers
  • Sea-freight in standard containers
  • Savings of 20-30% on Total Acquisition Cost

API661 coolers for diverse applications

  • Compact, modular and standardized coolers
  • Low transportation costs
  • API 661 standard
  • Suitable for very high temperature and pressure service

Product line comparison

Product Comparison Table

ECO-TAC and ECO-HX coolers can be used in many of the same applications. ECO-HX is preferred in applications with high temperature and/or pressures or where API 661 compliance is required. However, where this is not the case ECO-TAC will generally provide the lowest Total Acquisition Cost.

Rotor and blade cooling Yes
Lubrication oil (oil/air) Yes Yes
Generator cooling (water/air) Yes Yes
Closed  circuit cooling (water/air) Yes Yes
API 661 Yes
API 614 Yes
ASME VIII, Div. 1 Yes Yes
PED Yes Yes
Spray cooling available Yes
Standard road transport Yes Yes
Standard sea transport (40' ISO Container) Yes