UET-Ecodyne Heat Exchangers

UET-Ecodyne is a leading provider of air cooled heat exchangers to the power, oil & gas and process industries. We offer application solutions for cooling gas turbine, steam turbines, auxiliaries and balance of plant, reciprocating engines, compressors and lubrication oil. With over 70 years of experience our application solution designers are able to tailor a solution to provide the lowest total acquisition cost and risk for your project.

Recent Work


Original Cooler delivered 20 years ago, full cooler replacement still available today and delivered to site.

Egypt LNG

Original Cooler delivered 20 years ago, replacement retrofit heat exchanger still available today and delivered to site.

Jebel Ali

For your convenience, we offer comprehensive aftersales support and reliable transportation services, ensuring smooth unloading at the destination and providing secure protection for goods before installation.


Upon the conclusion of the manufacturing process, the units undergo pre-assembly at our facility. Subsequently, we conduct Factory Assembly Testing, which can be observed by the customer upon request. Remote witnessing is also available for added convenience.

Leipheim Grid Stabilizer

Gas turbines are playing a crucial role in maintaining a stable and secure energy grid. We are happy to be an important part of that development also in Europe.

Big Bend

We provide convenient transportation services from Mexico to the US, ensuring easy unloading on-site, and offer safe protection for the goods before installation.


We are accommodating the customer's request to take the coolers at a later time by providing storage capacity on our site, ensuring the protection of the coolers during the delay.

Las Flores

After completion of the manufacturing process the units are pre-assembled in our plant followed by  the Factory Assembly Testing which can be witnessed by the customer if required. Remote witnessing is a convenient option.


With our manufacturing plant in Mexico we are very proud to supply our products to the Mexican Energy Market and to help ensuring energy supply to the Mexican people.

Glow Phase 2

By utilizing ultra-compact, modular, and standardized coolers that can be efficiently transported via sea-freight in standard containers, organizations can achieve significant savings of 20-30% on their Total Acquisition Cost.

Grain Grid Stabilizer

We are proud to help our customer to keep the power system stable and the electricity supply at the required frequency.


With our product we help the customer to meet the future power generation needs while also lowering emissions.