Over 70 years of experience in delivering cost-effective air cooled heat exchangers

Since its founding Ecodyne Heat Exchangers has established itself as a preferred supplier of air-cooled heat exchangers for both process and power generation industries, earning a reputation for delivering quality products on schedule at competitive prices.


  • 1935 Luwa AG was founded in Zürich, Switzerland
  • 1946 Luwa begins with the design and development of heat exchangers
  • 1976 Establishment of Luwa UET Division (Environment and Energy Technology)
  • 1999 Relocation of the production line of heat exchangers and cooling systems to Puebla, Mexico
  • 2001 Foundation of the Ecodyne UET Schweiz AG with headquarter in Uster, Switzerland
  • 2001 Foundation of the Ecodyne UET de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.W. located in Puebla, Mexico
  • 2001 Transfer of all assets of the Luwa Division „Environmental and Energy Technology” to Ecodyne MRM, located in Ohio USA, part of the Marmon Group in the United States
  • 2001 Establishment of the Ecodyne Heat Exchanger Group, combining Luwa UET, Ecodyne MRM and O&M Manufacturing
  • 2007 The Marmon Group was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway
  • 2016 Merging of world-wide organization and product portfolios to best meet the needs of our global customer base