Strengthening the Kingdom's Infrastructure

The cooling water modules for GE's project at Waad Al Shamal will cool 4 x GE 7F.05 gas turbines and related gensets. Ecodyne's existing installed base in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes units installed at Rafha, Hail, Braydah, Riyad, Medina, Rabigh, Mecca, Jeddah, Shoaiba, Asir, Hofuf, and Tabuk.

"Ecodyne is prequalified by the Saudi Electricity Company. We have a long history of successfully delivering units to Saudi Arabia, the first being in 1968. Since then we have delivered a large number of projects to The Kingdom. Our design is well suited to dessert environments with extremely high ambient temperatures." said Alexander Luft, the Head of Sales & Marekting at Ecodyne.

Client General Electric
Location(s): Waad Al Shamal
Capacity: 1000 MW
Plant: 4 x GE 7F.05 gas turbines
Order: 2016/Q1
Hardware: ECO-TAC Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for generator cooling and lubrication oil cooling with steel structure, handrail and ladders, pump-skid, interconnecting piping and instrumentation.
Services: Project Management, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Factory Testing, Documentation including KKS Numbering
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By: Trent Crawford
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