Oil coolers for the largest order in Siemen's history

Ecodyne is delivering oil coolers to cool the MAV system at the New Capital site in Egypt. The New Capital site is part of approximately 14.4 GW of new power generation capacity that Siemens is developing at three locations in Egypt.

"The performance of the MAV oil cooling system is critical to the output and reliability of generation equipment at the New Capital Site. Our very strong track record delivering cooling equipment to Siemens is certainly one reason why we have been entrusted with delivering equipment for this prestigious project." said Alexander Luft, Head of Sales and Marketing at Ecodyne Heat Exchangers

Client Siemens AG
Location(s): New Capital, Egypt
Capacity: 4.8 GW
Plant: 4x SST-5000
Order: 2016/Q1
Hardware: ECO-TAC Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for lubrication oil cooling (MAV) with steel structure, handrail and ladders, interconnecting piping and instrumentation.
Services: Project Management, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Factory Testing, Documentation including KKS Numbering
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By: Trent Crawford
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