ECO-TAC for Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station Expansion

As part of an innovative agreement, Siemens will build and test its newest natural gas turbine technology, the SGT6-9000HL, at Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station near Denver, North Carolina.

Ecodyne UET is proud to have been selected to provide ECO-TAC air cooled heat exchangers, also known as fin fan coolers, to cool the gas turbine and generator.

The modular v-shape ECO-TAC units, manufactured at Ecodyne's facility in North America, were shipped to site as standard non-permit loads avoiding the additional costs usually associated with oversized loads, such pilot cars.

The ECO-TAC product line is a field-proven design that has been deployed globally.

Client Siemens Energy, Inc.
Location(s): North Carolina, USA
Capacity: 402 MW
Plant: 1x Siemens SGT6-9000HL
Order: 2017/Q4
Hardware: Modular ECO-TAC air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) / Fin Fan Coolers, supporting steel structure, modular piping spools, handrails and staircases
Services: Engineering, testing, quality assurance, logistics
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By: Trent Crawford
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